Careers in Network Security and Ethical Hacking

Corporations need trained professionals to ensure that their Internet, Intranet, VPN, network and database systems are safe.
Government agencies , including military and law enforcement , need security specialists to keep their own systems safe. In addition, in the ongoing battle against cyberterrorism and cybercrime, security specialists are needed to track down and prosecute hackers, fraud artists and terrorists. Places like the Central Intelligence Agency , the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Information need trained agents who are savvy in computer science.
Consulting firms need security specialists, engineers and technicians to provide professional expertise for corporations and government agencies. Or think about going into business for yourself as an independent security consultant.

Network Security Systems Manager: Manages all network security systems for LAN/WAN, telecommunications and voice systems.
Network Security Administrator: Troubleshoots network access problems and implements network security policies and procedures. Network Security Engineer: Evaluates, designs, integrates and develops computer security systems.
Systems/Applications Security Executive: Develops and implements security standards and procedures to ensure that all applications are functional and secure.
Web Security Administrator: Develops, implements and maintains technologies that keep an organization’s website secure.
Web Security Manager: Creates and maintains security measures to support the information and data security needs of a web site.

High Salaries in IT Security Careers
Network and Internet security are two of the fastest-growing industries around and they need technology graduates immediately

Certifications in Network Security:
CEH, CISA, CISSP, CHFI, MSS, SCNP and many more…

Specialising in Net security
Q. I wish to specialise in the field of Internet Security. What is the scope for ethical hacking in India? Where can I get the required training?
— Ankit Malhotra
A. How do credit card companies acquire foolproof safety? Who ensures safe access to bank accounts over the Net, and security of messages on local computers and servers. Hackers (as opposed to crackers) are the experts whose services are hired by organisations to test the robustness of their network security systems. What differentiates ethical hackers from crackers is that the former are actually paid to find a security breach in an organisation’s network. It is “ethical” or legal because it is done with the client’s permission. With more and more organisations moving their offline transactions online, e-security has emerged as a major issue. Almost every Fortune 500 company employs hackers to protect their critical data from possible cracker attacks. They also educate government, defense services, banks and law enforcement bodies on how to better use technology to get their jobs done securely.
To be a good hacker, you need to be an experienced and intelligent programmer in the first place. You need to know at least one operating system inside out. You have to be comfortable with networking, TCP/IP and various other protocols. There are no shortcuts and the best approach is to get hold of as many technical manuals. You can learn hacking techniques from three main sources: The Net, books, and hacking clubs. However, the best training is on the job, which requires expertise in different tools and techniques.
As a fresher you would require rigorous training on various networking technologies, operating systems, scripting, languages, security tools etc.
Experts in this field command huge salaries. Starting salaries would be higher than standard networking and software professionals.

What is the entry level post? Network Security Administrator, Application Security Tester, Forensics Tester, Ethical Hacker, Junior Security Auditor, Security Certified Programmer , Security Certified Information User

-What is the starting salary?

In India the starting salaries are of the range Rs 15K-50k depending on qualifications. For e. g- A person who has done B. Tech computer science along withh a security certification like MASE will normally get around Rs 30K as a starting salary and a person who has done diplomas etc with security certification like MASE will get around Rs 15K once he completes the probabation period. Then he moves on to drawing higher salaries with time and experience. Security sector is one of the highest paid sector in the world and for India it will be no different. The salaries go up to infinite range and security experts earn 15 lakh per annum and company’s CISO ( Chief Information Security Officer ) earns around Rs 25 lakhs per annum

-What is the growth curve like starting as a fresher, where can he go?

Network Security administrator -> Network Security Manager -> Security Officer -> Chief Information Security Officer
Ethical Hacker/Penetration Tester -> Security Consultant and Manager -> Chief Information Security Officer
Application Security Tester -> Application Security Developer -> Application Security Manager -> Chief Application Security Officer
Forensics Tester -> Forensics Manager – > Forensics head
Junior Security Auditor -> Security Auditor
Secured Programmer-> Security Project Manager

And many more…


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